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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Viewtrak Technologies, Inc.
Survey Section: Software



Viewtrak Technologies, Inc.


Develop Software:




Bovitrak is a web based herd management, data collection, and data management program


Version Name (1):






Version Name (2):






Version Name (3):






Version Name (4):






Interface with RFID Readers:

RFID tags are scanned and information in entered through the Psion handheld. The data is simply uploaded and downloaded with a click of a button


Software Interface With:

Psion Workabout. Any reader can be used with Bovitrak as long as the data can be exported to an excel spreadsheet. (.xls)


Records Collected:

Events can be collected manually, or automatically using the Psion handheld, a PC, or paper worksheets. Batch and global events can easily be recorded in Bovitrak.


Manual Entry:



Data Stored:

Selected animal data and history can be stored and retrieved on the Psion handheld unit or on a PC using a excel spreadsheet. Animal summary reports can be printed off with selected information on each animal


Installation Costs:

No installation cost is charged since there is no software to install


Computer Operating System:

Bovitrak is compatible with all computers running a standard web browser and internet connection.


Training Costs:

Training and support are provided free of charge.


Technical Support:

Little or no technical support is needed since Bovitrak is web based


Technical Support Plan:

Web based support (FAQ, Walkthrough Demonstrations), phone support (1-800 number) and on location support is available. - Note: onsite support may require travel expense, which would be the responsibility of the customer.


Cost of Technical Support:

Training and technical support are provided to members free of charge


Support Non-electronic Ave.:

Yes. Users without internet access are provided paper worksheets to enter animal information and events. The worksheets can be faxed or mailed in, to be entered


Software Updated:

We are constantly improving Bovitrak to better-fit customer requests, ease of use, and system functionality. Since Bovitrak is internet based, changes made to the system are instant to all users. No downloading or installing a new version is required.


Additional Costs:

Most changes to the software are available free of charge, however producer specific changes may be billed for programming time.


If No, Software Recommended:


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