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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Viewtrak Technologies, Inc.
Survey Section: Handheld



Viewtrak Technologies, Inc.


Manufacture RFID Reader:



Available for Purchase:

We sell PSION Workabout readers through our retail distribution system.


ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended

Any RFID tag running at 134.2kHz frequency.


Read Location 1:

Remote working Facility (no electricity, little emi)


Avg. Read Range:

7 inches 


Read Location 2:

Feedlot working facility (working facility with hydraulic chute, etc. - Moderate emi)


Avg. Read Range:

5 inches



The handheld is wireless. When info is ready to be uploaded to the database, users can simply hot sync the data from the handheld.


Additional Hardware Required:

No additional hardware required


Hardware Required to Enable:

No additional hardware required


Software Required:

Point and click, windows based desktop software to transfer data from pc to web database



Software Required to Enable:




2 double AA batteries


Added Features:

Ability to enter information on each animal and view the history information on individual animals


Scale Head/Load Bar:

We can support any scale head and load bar systems. - Note: Programming time may be needed if users scale head is not currently supportedd



Please contact us for the latest price. Volume purchases will be negotiated on an individual by individual basis.


If No RFID Readers:

Agrident DHP102 - Bovitrak supports any RFID handheld capable of exporting data into a excel format.



We are currently using a customized Psion Workabout handheld / RFID Reader programmed specific to the Bovitrak system.

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