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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Viewtrak Technologies, Inc.
Survey Section: Data Storage



Viewtrak Technologies, Inc.


Web-based Data Storage:



Centralized Database:



De-Centralized Database



Transfer Data:

Using the handheld the user would simply sync the handheld to the users account on the central database with a few clicks of the mouse. - In an individual user account, the user can manually enter a single animal, multiple animals, or import animals from a excel spreadsheet. - Fill out paper worksheets and send them to Viewtrak to be entered manually



 Since all data is stored on the central database no backup is needed on the PC. The central database is maintained by a professional technology company. The information is mirrored in 2 separate locations providing added redundancy as well as disaster recovery.



  Simply go to www.bovitrak.net and enter username and password


Security Features:

 Unique username and password required to logon to web services. Access control using database settings and application modules to facilitate authorized data sharing. Sophisticated security architecture to precaution against Internet breaches



 A computer with a standard web browser and internet access. Users without a computer or internet access can request paper copies of their data.


Share Data:

 Yes. The user can easily export their data.


Open Database Connectivity:

 Yes. ODBC would not be used since the system is web based


Web Tools:



Describe Tools:

 We currently offer 26 predefined reports. Users can also export data and run their own reports.  A reports creator is currently in the works.


Use Fees:

 See System Cost Page

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