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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Turnkey Computer Systems, Inc.
Survey Section: Company Information



Turnkey Computer Systems, Inc.

6117 Amarillo Blvd. West
Amarillo, Texas 79106 



(800) 999-0049
(806) 372-1249 (FAX)


Contact Person:

Carey Coffman or Steve Myers



Turnkey Computer Systems, Inc. is the largest provider of Feedyard Accounting and Management Systems.  Our systems currently track over 10,000,000 head per year in North America. 

Our company provides complete accounting and management solutions to the commercial cattle feeding industry.  We provide software applications for health management, feed management, risk management, web reporting services, and accounting.  We provide hardware services including configuration, installation, network implementation, web access, and support.  Our Cattle Inductions System captures individual EID information and cattle characteristics for tracking, collection, and sorting.


Chief Executive Officers:

Steve Myers, President Carey Coffman, VP Sales Don Flynt, VP Software Development



Our first Feedyard Accounting and Management System was developed in 1980.  Our employees have an average tenure of 14 years, with the only focus being the development, support, training, and implementation of Application Software and Hardware for the Beef Industry.  Individual cattle information has been a component of our system since 1985 with the introduction of our Health Management Software application.



To bring Information and Management together.



To be a dependable, single source provider of computerized systems and services to the cattle feeding industry.  


Industry Targeting:




We have interface agreements with Lextron, Inc., Micro Beef Technologies, Inc., Walco International, and AgSpan, Inc.





Distribution Method:

Direct Sales, Service, and Support of all Applications and Services

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