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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Tru-Test Group
Survey Section: Scale Head



Tru-Test Group 


Manufacture Scale Head:



Compatible Readers:

Tru-Test scales are compatible with the Tru-Test XRS Stick Reader, XRP Panel Reader, other manufacturer EID readers with standard RS232 communications, and select Bluetooth® wireless readers. 


Compatible Weigh Bars:

Tru-Test scale indicators work with all Tru-Test load bars as well as other manufacturer load cells.


Hardware Required to Enable:

Tru-Test scale indicators are equipped with standard RS232/DB9 communications.  



Internal rechargeable battery up to 20 hours (depending on model), 110v, and 12v options. Power cables supplied with the Tru-Test weigh scale.      


Added Features:

Tru-Test offers several different types of scale indicators; features include visual ID, EID, weight gain, weight predictions and target dates, sorting options, calculation of carcass weight and value, printer and computer interface, statistics, animal histories, condition scores, health treatments, lifetime database with breed, date of birth, origin, Premise ID, etc.  The scale indicator weigh screens can be customized to view different data fields; data field names can be customized to meet the needs of the producer.  Data fields can be set up as custom fields in which pre-set options can be loaded to allow for quicker and more efficient data collection.  Tru-Test scale indicators have built-in tutorials and help menus to assist the producer at the weigh site. 



Tru-Test EID scale indicators range from $1289-$2195 depending on the features and data collection requirements.  Tru-Test load bars are priced separately. 



Producers can purchase any Tru-Test scale system from an authorized distributor or dealer. 


If NO, RFID Readers:




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