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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Tru-Test Group
Survey Section: Handheld



Tru-Test, Inc.


Manufacture RFID Reader:

Yes XRS Stick Reader


Available for Purchase:

The XRS Stick Reader is available for purchase through any of its distribution partners. 


ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended

ISO compliant tags


Read Location 1:

Working facility, chute-side, alleyway



Avg. Read Range :

Average 10 12 inches. 


Read Location 2:

Pasture, pen



Avg. Read Range :

Average 10 12 inches. 



Bluetooth Class 1; also comes with cable for tethered interface


Additional Hardware Required:



Hardware Required to Enable:

The XRS Stick Reader can be used as a stand-alone management tool.  It can also be integrated with Tru-Test EID weigh scales as well as most other manufacturer scale indicators. 


Software Required:

EziLink software supplied.  EziLink is used to download scanned tags from the XRS to PC or laptop, pre-load Visual ID/EID pairs, upload custom animal alerts to the XRS, create custom data field options, and change/modify reader settings.   


Software Required to Enable:




Internal rechargeable battery up to 19 hours operation, 12v and 110v both power cables supplied with the XRS. 


Added Features:

Internal memory of 20,000 tags, 50 sessions, large backlit display, vibration and audible beep on tag read, tag counter, date/time stamp, pre-load animal alerts, pre-load Visual/EID pairs.  Animal data can be downloaded to PC or laptop with supplied EziLink program. 


Scale Head/Load Bar:

Standard communication interface connects to all Tru-Test EID weigh scales and most other manufacturer weigh scales. 





If No RFID Readers:




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