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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Tru-Test Group
Survey Section: Company Information



Tru-Test Group

Mineral Wells, Texas



Brandon Schweiss


Contact Person:

Brandon Schweiss



Tru-Test Group is a global leader and manufacturer of livestock digital weigh scales, electronic ID readers, Speedrite and Stafix premium electric fence brands, Patriot value electric fencing, Hayes contractor-grade fence tools, milk meters, and milk storage and cooling tanks.


Chief Executive Officers:

Cliff Cobb President, North America Division



Tru-Test Group was established in 1963 in Auckland New Zealand, with some of the product brands dating back as early as 1895.  Today, Tru-Test Group provides management solutions in over 100 countries through our network of Tru-Test Group subsidiaries and partners around the world.   



Tru-Test Group is committed in producing the highest quality products for the agricultural industry. 



To continue to manufacture management tools and services that help producers maximize profits and increase productivity. 



Industry Targeting:

Beef, Dairy, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Equine



Tru-Test works closely with industry allied partners including animal management software providers, identification/tag manufacturers, research universities, equipment manufacturers, state and national cattlemen associations, feed and animal health companies, breed associations, veterinarians, and ag-marketing groups.  





Distribution Method:

Tru-Test products are marketed nationally through reputable distribution partners.  Partners include leading chute equipment manufacturers, coop farm stores, regional fleets and chain stores, veterinarian wholesalers/suppliers, ag-buying groups, and other value-added service providers. 

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