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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Temple Tag, Ltd.
Survey Section: Company Information



Temple Tag, LLC

Temple, Texas



Bill McCoy


Contact Person:

Bill McCoy



Temple Tag, LLC is the innovative leader in Livestock Identification Products. Providing quality tags, applicators, hot stamp machines and service since 1957. Now providing innovative and quality RFID tags and reading systems and service to the Beef, Dairy, Swine and Sheep and Goat industries.


Chief Executive Officers:

Bill McCoy, President; Tyler Brown, Director of Sales and Market Development.



Temple Tag, LLC has for 56 years served the identification needs of cattlemen with five lines of tags including our Original®, Herdsman®, Feeder, FaStocker®, and ComfortEar® EID tags Our feeder line of tags is recognized as the market leader.   Temple Tag is a US corporation and all of our tags are molded and imprinted in the USA.



To be the innovative leader in providing quality livestock identification products and service to the end-user producer.





Industry Targeting:

Beef, Dairy, Swine, Sheep Goat



Various electronic and equipment purveyors as well as numerous trade associations, alliances and data service providers. 





Distribution Method:

Temple Tag, LLC Markets through Animal Health Distributors including Animal Health International, MWI, IVESCO, WSI,  Feeders Advantage, Mitchell's, Southeast Dairy. These distributors market to end users directly or through retail stores.

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