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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: ScoringAg, Inc.
Survey Section: Software



ScoringAg, Inc. www.ScoringAg.com


Develop Software:

Yes, finished system worldwide in multiple languages and in universal keyboard UTF8



Over 800 individual data lines of animal records, also called site specific records, in a web based application.  Data acquisition, archiving storage, pictures, video and reports.  No local software is required to utilize our system other than a windows, or linux internet system.  All transferring of data is done by internal servers in real time.


Version Name (1):

Web based application for every web based CPU





Version Name (2):






Version Name (3):






Version Name (4):






Interface with RFID Readers:

Real time automated and batch upload from leading hardware providers.  Our software can interface with any reader that has either a serial or USB output and wireless connection like I.D.ology reader technology.  ScoringAg will interface with all types of software currently in the market either by CSV, TXT, XML or requested language.


Software Interface With:

All major brands of software.


Records Collected:

From Field to Fork or at ranches, farms, stockyards, buying stations, slaughter plants, shipping points, wholesale, and retail.


Manual Entry:

We do offer a paper system for those not connected to a computer or modern electronics.


Data Stored:

The database will manage information automatically to NAIS, governments, states, or other entities and secures data necessary to carry out value-based marketing information programs or food safety, such as source and age verification and other attributes no matter the country.  The data storage is unlimited, even Wahl Thermal images can be stored and encrypted. Labeling is automatic for packers, fabricators and retailers to prove Country or State of Origin


Installation Costs:

To sign up with the www.ScoringAg.com, however, costs equal USD 0.55 for a PIDC or premise location; USD 10.00 set up fee; USD 0.55 per animal web page. Pictures and or Thermal image pictures are USD 0.25 per animal web page.


Computer Operating System:

All because it's web based. Our web based, secure system is compatible with all because the information is stored in "Apache2 cold fusion coded UNIX Servers."


Training Costs:

None, unless someone requests special training, but because it is so easy to use, training is not necessary.


Technical Support:

As needed by phone 24/7.


Technical Support Plan:

Not necessary but system has training pdf’s


Cost of Technical Support:



Support Non-electronic Ave.:

Yes. Paper records which are seamless with our electronic system is offered for those not connected to the Internet.


Software Updated:

We update on our server site as needed and customers make their own updates on the web-based system as they need it.


Additional Costs:

None. The system is in English, Spanish and Portuguese and soon to be German and French.


If No, Software Recommended:


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