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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: ScoringAg, Inc.
Survey Section: Data Storage



ScoringAg, Inc.


Web-based Data Storage:



Centralized Database:

Yes and it has 128 bit encryption privacy of incoming and exported data.


Transfer Data:

Once our database is opened by signing in, the customer enters his secure ID code, and then enters his own records as needed by location and animal or groups.



Multi Mirrored web-based backup system using 5 satellites



Login on our website, start a new account and create, edit or review your records, including photo or video, just like you would do with any online bank or financial institution.


Security Features:

128 bit encryption on all pages of records, double client login, computer address ISP, hashed password security and secure socket layer.



Wireless laptop, wireless PDA, internet cell phone or desktop computer linked to the Internet, or paper records may be filled out and sent somewhere to be entered into a computer linked to the Internet.  So, in essence, no hardware is required for the “end user”.


Share Data:

Yes, by passing on his passwords or sending a SSI-EID coded record or public RFID number read by a I.D.ology reader using the data based embedded, Display Miester, for auctions and public sales.


Open Database Connectivity:



Web Tools:



Describe Tools:

Users can also export TXT data and run their own reports on body condition scoring; weight history; medical history; owner history; pedigree info, just to mention a few, but they are too numerous to mention all


Use Fees:

USD 0.55 per record and USD 0.25 per picture. Customers own their own records and data. The query system for governments and groups can open a full record for disease outbreaks, health concerns, etc. by Federal Court Order only.

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