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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: ScoringAg
Survey Section: Company Information



ScoringAg, Inc.

Bradenton, Florida



All Across North and South America and across the Globe


Contact Person:

William Kanitz or your local ScoringAg professional representative.  Check for your local professional at the ScoringAg website under contact and click on professionalís.



ScoringAg is a web-based databank using RFID and visual tags, hot iron brands, boluses, tattoos, pictures, or any other type of identification with Site-Specific recordkeeping and movement tracking with a 3 second or less search time of complete animal traceback or trace up records in real time to manage risk for the food animal and breeding industry worldwide. The database system can handle all other farm records for COOL, FDA, EPA, and crops, See website.


Chief Executive Officers:

William Kanitz, Pres. and CEO Brunhilde Merker



William Kanitz judged for beef and dairy cattle shows, raised swine, cattle and crops, collected data for NASDA, developed Corrals, Gating, head-gate-catching systems that were automatic and was a consultant for the agriculture and RFID computer industry. Mr. Kanitz holds worldwide Ag patents.



Provide an inexpensive, simple and secure record keeping system, thatís web based and in five languages, also paper records for the smallest farmer to the largest corporation, all the way from seed stock to the retail grocery store or Field To Fork.  Every Database user can be signed up directly on the internet.  The database handles whole countries complete ID tracking systems which can move animals from country to country with records.



The goal has been achieved with a Unix system that keeps records and traces every species of livestock, fowl, fish and crops, especially for those laws required by the C.O.O.L. law enacted in the 2002 and 2008 US. Farm Bills, National Animal Identification System, EPA, USDA source verification, NOP, and the FDA Bioterrorism Law and EU.  ScoringAg provides worldwide recordkeeping of animals from birth to retail via the web as a ďfarm to tableĒ food safety and a traceback affidavit system while protecting the users identity.  Complete history and traceback of animals to safeguard against disease and to help in exporting animals from country to country.


Industry Targeting:

All of the above, including containers that move animals and their meat products.  Look at our website commodities list.



Our partners are I.D.ology readers and RFID tags, Cromosa RFID, Palmer Wahl Thermal imaging, Ketchum tattoo, and Zebra printers.  We operate a real time system where the customers keep their own records in our databank with secure log-in codes with 128 bit encryption of incoming and out going data thru Rackspace Apache Red Hat servers.



www.scoringag.com  or  www.traceback.com  for foods and meat searches via retail package coding for the COOL law.


Distribution Method:

Worldwide to Countries, States, Organizations, Individuals, Farmers, CO-OPís through Sales Representatives and direct internet sales

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