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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Osborne Industries, Inc., 
Survey Section: Stationary



Osborne Industries, Inc. 


Manufacture Stationary Reader:



Available for Purchase:

Our RFID tags and accessories are available through a wide range of Osborne dealers throughout North America, Europe and Asia, and from inventory by direct contact with Osborne Customer Service at 1-800-255-0316. Many stationary RFID readers are custom designed to match the needs and geometry of use for specific customer applications.  These are ordered by direct arrangement with Osborne Customer Service at 1-800-255-0316 and Osborne Engineering.


ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended:

Allflex, Destron (others can be tested for approval if submitted to Osborne Engineering).


Location (1):

Feedlot working facility (Moderate emi)


Antenna Type:

Panel:  20 x 24-in (51 x 61 cm)


Average Read Range :

27.5-in (70 cm)


Location (2):

Packing plant  (High emi)


Antenna Type:

Panel:  20 x 24-in (51 x 61 cm)


Average Read Range :

25-in (64 cm)


Reader Speed:

Reads tags sequentially one-at-a-time.  Combined antennas can provide complete alley-wide RF field to avoid missed ID’s.  Reading speed is consistent with livestock movement rate. 



Tethered for connection to AC or DC power and for communication with a remote PC.


Hardware Required to Enable:

We provide a range of engineered power supply options consistent with the reader and any applications which may be driven by the RFID reading and subject to local access to power, duty cycle for reader and application, and physical location.


Software Required to Enable:

None required, however we do write customized software or firmware to interface with remote PCs, special analytical software, databases, or local analog management devices.



The power requirement for our simple basic reader is 12/24 VDC input at <300 mA.  This can be supplied by batteries, an AC/DC power cube, or other Osborne power supplies.


Added Features:

The Integrated Function Controller (IFC) can also store data and activate up to four functional outputs to controlled devices, based on programmed instructions, RFID reads, load cell outputs, and any of its four signal inputs.  

* The IFC is protected from high voltage by Osborne-designed protective devices that are very effective at shielding the equipment and data from lightning.

* The IFC also has two communication channels, RS232 and RS485.

* Power requirements are 24 VDC, which can be supplied by batteries or an Osborne-engineered AC/DC power supply.

* The IFC is a full-featured reader with “work-horse” capabilities which can be custom configured to fully utilize identification for management purposes as well as data capture.

* Its high reliability has been shown in continuous duty in many livestock applications for over five years.


Scale Head/Load Bar:

We have successfully interfaced with all major brands of scale head and scale head controllers including Tru-Test, J-Star, Digi-Star, Cardinal, Weibert W-2000B, Breuer, DMS, and Nedap.



Custom-designed Osborne/Agrident RFID-Antenna Systems can be quoted from standard and custom-made components to match user’s specific requirements.  Contact Osborne Customer Service at 1-800-255-0316 or email cs@osborne-ind.com with your detailed requirements.  


Readers in Packing Plants:

No, all equipment in packing plants was installed about 10 years ago and subsequently removed at the end of demonstration projects.


If NO, RFID Readers:





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