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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Osborne Industries, Inc.
Survey Section: Software



Osborne Industries, Inc.


Develop Software:




TEAM® Sow Management Software (Swine); FIRE® Performance Testing Software (Swine, Sheep & Goats); Daily Weigh One™ and Daily Weigh Two™ (Swine); are some of the major software systems that we have developed.   * We also develop numerous firmware and software interfaces for other major management software to integrate them with data acquisition RFID-based hardware.  We provide custom and proprietary solutions for existing herd management software.


Version Name (1):






Version Name (2):






Version Name (3):






Version Name (4):






Interface with RFID Readers:

Our software and software interfaces interact with RFID handheld readers, with scale head weighing, laptop PCs, a variety of possible workstations, and with diagnostic tools like some ultrasound devices for backfat measurement.


Software Interface With:

Our software and software interfaces are usually used with our proprietary RFID readers and workstations.


Records Collected:

Usually with cattle, all events and records are entered manually into a handheld except the RFID.  Subject to developing demand and utility, automatic, batch and global data changes are possible, similar to those used for swine, sheep and goats in existing data management applications for these species.


Manual Entry:



Data Stored:

We have implemented data storage with the Osborne ID Logger and with a laptop computer.



Installation Costs:

Usually installation is part of the equipment cost if the system is a standard Osborne system.  Installation may be extra if a system is custom designed or uses components from other manufacturers.  Education and training support is extra and depends on the time and requirements of the customer.


Computer Operating System:

All our systems are compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems, and in a variety of languages.


Training Costs:

Usually no training is necessary and our toll-free line telephone support and manuals are sufficient.  For complicated software/hardware systems, complex data management, or custom systems, on-site training and support is possible and is quoted as part of the initial sale and installation.  This cost is at standard Osborne technical service rates (Minimum $300/visit plus travel and living expense).


Technical Support:

Usually no on-site training is necessary.  Technical toll-free telephone support for one year at no cost and manuals are provided.  Up to one day of training in Osborne is provided at no cost if desired and prescheduled.


Technical Support Plan:

Support is provided by trained dealer technicians, traveling Osborne Technical Support personnel, Osborne Customer Service and Engineering via toll-free line telephone.  Someone is always “on-call” at Osborne for 24/7 service to support Osborne dealers and Tech Service personnel.  Web-based FAQ and Troubleshooting Guides are being developed and will soon be available for all RFID applications and software.


Cost of Technical Support:

On-site Technical Service is provided as requested.  The minimum visit cost is $300 plus travel and living expenses.  The rate is based on on-site hours and currently is:  $80.00/hr for first 10 hours; $70.00/hr for second 10 hours; and $60.00/hr for all time over 20 hours on site.


Support Non-electronic Ave.:

Yes, we have considerable expertise in integrating RFID with electro-mechanical systems including animal inventory systems, feed, water, and visual imaging measurement, environmental measurement, control of feeding, watering, and ventilating systems, and control of movement and location via gate management.  Our goal is to make RFID into a functionally valuable asset for daily management and supervision of animal care and well being.


Software Updated:

We write our own software and firmware and keep a careful record of all versions, their owners and their installed locations.  Our Licensing Program provides users with new software features and improvements as they become available.


Additional Costs:

Yes, but at a discount to new users.  (An “upgrade” is defined as a software version with new features not available in a previous version.  An “update” is defined as a software change arising from previously undiscovered programming flaws [i.e., “bugs”].  (Updates are free.) 


If No, Software Recommended:

None currently familiar to us.

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