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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Osborne Industries, Inc.
Survey Section: Company Information



Osborne Industries, Inc.

Osborne, Kansas



Richard Murphy, Electronics Engineer  


Contact Person:

Jim Hindman, Marketing Representative



Osborne designs and manufactures RFID electronics including stationary readers, antennas, and dedicated controls for livestock management and data collection systems that operate based on RFID information.  Osborne writes software and firmware to support these systems.  Osborne distributes several brands of RFID in North America along with several types of handheld readers, data loggers, and computers.  Although our main emphasis has been the pork industry, we have provided RFID and RFID-driven systems for beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats, and cervids.


Chief Executive Officers:

President and Chief Operating Officer: George Eakin    



Osborne participated in several RFID-retention studies in cattle feed yards in the early 1990ís.  One of these projects included a three-year demonstration of quality and merit reward through retained ownership with Moorman Feed Company and Monfort Packing Company, using RFID for tracking.  We have also surveyed numerous beef packing companies (IBP, Monfort, etc) to assess opportunities to extend use of RFID into meat processing.  Osborne has tested RFID retention in cow-calf and stocker operations, including the automation of data recovery from a visual-image classification system to enable commingling of like-frame cattle for feeding.  We have a broad understanding of the beef industry owing to our location and employee base.



Our company believes that individual management of meat animals is possible with RFID and RFID-driven technologies and that such methods enable efficient animal care, assurance of rewards to the producer for meat quality, and protection of the food supply by total traceability.  Our vision includes the development and delivery of the automated systems to achieve these results.  We have been working on these tasks since 1987.



Our goal is to be the leading supplier of RFID-automated systems for the management of livestock from reproduction through the packing plant.  These systems include systems for RFID-integrated data capture and transmission, and also systems that execute defined functional tasks for each animal, based on their RFID, software, firmware, and the individual animal database, and finally the integration of such information into complete production management systems.


Industry Targeting:

We have worked in beef, dairy, sheep, and goats with installed RFID-driven systems for each operation, but our main emphasis has been on swine systems, owing to better initial market acceptance for RFID-driven systems and owing to the reduced time and financial commitment required to develop model systems for swine as compared to beef.



We have no partners or strategic relationships.  We are North American distributors for RFID and RFID equipment from  Bio-Control and Destron Fearing.    





Distribution Method:

Osborne distributes its products both nationally and internationally with its own Sales Group working through a system of local livestock equipment dealers, builders, and retail catalog outlets.  The company also maintains an office in Shanghai, China, to supply a system of distributors and dealers in Asia.   


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