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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Micro Beef Technologies, Ltd.
Survey Section: Software



Micro Beef Technologies, Ltd.


Develop Software:




MBT has pioneered numerous patented and fully integrated individual animal management systems, which include National Animal Identification, comprehensive source and process verification, individual animal tracking and information management for the beef industry. These systems provide unique solutions to large commercial feedlots, livestock markets, cow-calf and stocker operations and processors.


Version Name (1):




Comprehensive, feedyard-based individual animal identification, tracking, measurement, management and marketing systems for optimized profit


Version Name (2):

CattleLog Pro and CattleLog Express



Software designed for individual animal management.


Version Name (3):

DRUG-TRAC Animal Health Management System



A patented and complete health, inventory, reporting and quality assurance based management system


Version Name (4):

READ-N-FEED Bunkreading System and GPS Feed Truck System



A complete bunk management and reporting system and a patented GPS feed truck system for automatic pen identification, one pass feeding and wireless data transmission


Interface with RFID Readers:

Through a Micro Beef PC, laptop or process control computer.


Software Interface With:

Allflex, Destron, AgInfoLink EID readers; scale weight indicators, ultrasound


Records Collected:

All types of animal production records may be collected, tracked, and reported from. Some Micro Beef systems include fully-automated, high-speed facilities that also measure internal tissue characteristics and external animal dimensions.


Manual Entry:



Data Stored:



Installation Costs:

Dependent upon the software or system being purchased. Some software may be installed for free while others require on-site installation and training.    


Computer Operating System:

Windows 2000/XP, Linux


Training Costs:

Dependent upon the software or system being purchased.     


Technical Support:

Micro Beef provides technical support within 24 hours, 7 days per week, 365 days per year


Technical Support Plan:

Phone, web-based, dial-up and on-site support


Cost of Technical Support:

Included in the license and support fees and product relationship.


Support Non-electronic Ave.:

Various manual data entry alternatives available through CattleLog Data Services.


Software Updated:

Micro Beef continuously improves systems and makes additions to features with routine version upgrades.


Additional Costs:



If No, Software Recommended:


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