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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Lion Edge Technologies Inc
Survey Section: Software



Lion Edge Technologies Inc


Develop Software:

YES, Ranch Manager Livestock Software



Ranch management software for commercial and purebred operations both large and small.  Other livestock software is also available. 


Version Name (1):

Ranch Manager: Ranch Management software



Detailed animal identification records, breeding, pasture management, unlimited herd size, multiple ID tags, track income/expenses, pedigree editor, gestation history, import pictures, printable calendar, custom views, track ID, record Premise ID, body score, weight and measurements, average daily gain, EPD


Version Name (2):

Ranch Manager: iPhone app

Ranch Manager: iPad app
Sold separately on Apple store   



For field/mobile use. Apps can sync with PC version of Ranch Manager. (if desktop is also purchased)  


Version Name (3):






Version Name (4):






Interface with RFID Readers:

Desktop Edition interfaces between software & RFID readers in Windows and Mac Versions. The iPhone and iPad Apps do not yet provide interfaces with RFID readers


Software Interface With:

Allflex, Syscan and IDology wand readers


Records Collected:

Livestock management data


Manual Entry:

Not required.


Data Stored:


Ranch Manager has built-in monthly backup system. Recommend user keep external backups. Ranch Manager supports the reading of EID wand memory allowing batch processing from the PC by doing a search on all scanned tags.


Installation Costs:

Starting at $124.99 per ranching operation.


Computer Operating System:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

Devices running iOS 6.0 or later required for iPhone and iPad Apps.



Training Costs:

None. Ranch Manager includes a PDF Getting Started, Tutorial manual and How Do I help system.  Additional assistance is available: free technical support is offered by phone or email. 


Technical Support:

Lion Edge Technologies offers free technical support because the software is designed to be easy to use.


Technical Support Plan:

Free email, website and phone technical support. Built-in manual, Tutorial and How Do I.


Cost of Technical Support:

Free technical support and free product updates


Support Non-electronic Ave.:

Lion Edge Technologies is committed to assisting the user in every way possible.    


Software Updated:

Software is updated frequently, several times per year.


Additional Costs:



If No, Software Recommended:







All Ranch Manager desktop Editions can be combined into one program with various livestock types.  For example, Cattle-Sheep-Goat-Equine in one program.  Products include: Cattle Edition, Equine Edition, Goat Edition, Sheep Edition, Camelid Edition, Canine Edition, Wildlife Edition (deer, elk, exotics)

The Ranch Manager: iPhone app and iPad app has the ability to synchronize with the desktop version of Ranch Manager (both desktop and app must be purchased for syncing).  Collect data in the field: create animals, add notes, sell animals, etc. and then sync back to the desktop. 

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