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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Lion Edge Technologies Inc
Survey Section: Company Information



Lion Edge Technologies Inc – Ranch Manager Software

Aurora, Colorado





Contact Person

Lion Edge Technologies
phone: 720-870-5086




Ranch Manager: Livestock Management Software is a full suite of software products that started with the Cattle Edition Software.  The Cattle Software is used by cow-calf operations, small feedlots, purebred operations and other agribusinesses.  Livestock Software is available for desktop, smartphone and tablet (iPhone & iPad apps). 

All Ranch Manager Software Editions for the personal computer (desktop or laptop) are standalone products that can be used alone or combined into one livestock program.  Choose between: Cattle Edition, Equine Edition, Sheep Edition, Goat Edition, Canine Edition, Camelid Edition and the Wildlife Edition.  Ranch Manager for iPhone and Ranch Manager for iPad apps are available and are each sold separately.

Ranch Manager software tracks animal identification including various ID tags and premise ID, breeding, the lineage of the animal and various animal traits.  Other features include a complete event history for each animal, profit and loss statements, importing animal pictures, recording data in the ranch journal or calendar, animal movements, animal measurements, picture pedigree, inbreed detection and expected progeny differences. The Desktop Software also interfaces with certain wand readers and scales. 


Chief Executive Officers

Family-owned and operated 



Lion Edge Technologies is a family-run business with direct ranch experience.  All development is created in-house. Ranch experience and creative design of the software are essential components to the success of Ranch Manager Software.  Lion Edge offers livestock software on Windows and Mac OS X platforms.  For on the go, Ranch Manager for iPhone and Ranch Manager for iPad apps are available.  Ranch Manager software is offered globally.



Lion Edge Technologies provides ranchers and farmers with affordable ranch management software that will enable them to make better decisions and track their animals.



Lion Edge Technologies sells easy to use, quality livestock software that meets industry standards and users' needs. While designing software, Lion Edge anticipates the future needs of our users. Lion Edge regularly receives feedback from customers to ensure the users’ needs are being met. With that in mind, Lion Edge includes Mac OS X versions of their software to their product line.  The Mac OS X version is innovative as it does not require a Virtual PC application that is used to emulate Windows, but is a true Mac OS X application.  Also innovative, the iPhone app and iPad app do not need an internet connection while entering data in the field, only when syncing to the desktop. Lion Edge hopes to continue to lead the industry in innovative affordable livestock management software.


Industry Targeting

Cattle, Goat, Sheep, Horses, Donkeys, Alpaca, Llama, Dogs, Deer, Elk, Exotics.  Colleges, universities and other schools also use the software.








Distribution Method

Lion Edge Technologies provides livestock software to individual producers, schools and other agribusinesses globally. Software is available for purchase via Lion Edge website, phone, or mail.  Purchase Orders are also accepted.  Software downloads and CDs are available. 

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