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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: I.D. ology
Survey Section: Stationary





Manufacture Stationary Reader:

Halo Reader - Chute Side

CrossFire Reader - Alleyway


Available for Purchase:



ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended:

ISO Implant PELITs for Dairy cows

ISO tags - all tags approved by CCIA including those from Dalton , Destron, and Allflex    


Location (1):

Feedlot Chute side


Antenna Type:

20 Diameter


Average Read Range :

24 Perpendicular to Halo Reader


Location (2):



Antenna Type:

4' x 4'


Average Read Range :

36" CrossFire removes the problem of tag orientation with a Tornado like read field.


Reader Speed:

3 millisecond Read;



Wired with wireless to facilitate installation


Hardware Required to Enable:

Mounting brackets, laptop to read and write


Software Required to Enable:

Any database software that accepts RFID input or that will interface with our Cow/Calf, Feedyard, or DairyMaster systems.



12 volt DC or 110 volt AC. A heavy duty car battery will last a long time.


Added Features:

The large stationary reader generates a rotating read field in order to read the tags in any orientation significantly increasing the read accuracy.


Scale Head/Load Bar:

Any electronic unit, like TruTest, DigiStar and Weightronics.



Chute reader/writer = $780; Alleyway CrossFire Reader = $4500


Readers in Packing Plants:

Not at present but these systems are being considered.


If NO, RFID Readers:

Readers for ISO 11784 - 11785 as well as for other standards.




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