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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: I.D. ology
Survey Section: Software





Develop Software:




1. Firmware Programming of chips to activate RFID displays and record data. 2. Interface programming to interact with auxiliary equipment and databases like Lookup LightningROD Reader Utility, Peach Tree and Quick Books as well as DairyComp-305, DHI+ and Cattle-Trax. 3. Application programming like Animal Trackers, and ProSort


Version Name (1):

LightningROD Handheld Reader Display and

Lookup-LightningROD Reader  



Vibrating handle and count of animals read or to be read

Firmware programming of chips enables unique functionality of readers and tags. Utilitarian readouts that count reads and compact and encrypt data for download to a computer    


Version Name (2):

SmartWire Link for Wireless Bluetooth,

Lookup-LightningROD Software Interface Utility

Sensitech Parlor Interface software




Interface Links handheld computers with RFID and barcode scanners as well as with databases on a main computer. Sensitech links RFID with milkmeters in real time.


Version Name (3):

ProSort, Animal Trackers



Applications utilizing RFID to speed animal sorting and tracking animal movement between different premises.


Version Name (4):






Interface with RFID Readers:

Dairy Master - Uses RFID inputs on PDA or laptop for herd management records. ProSort drives a sorting gate from RFID inputs. SensiTech utilizes RFID inputs to link individual cows with the correct Milk Meter.


Software Interface With:

ISO 11784/11785 RFID Tags and PELIT implants; Dalton   i.Tags, Destron Fearing - Read Only; Allflex - Read Only


Records Collected:

Automatic or manual depending on the site interface in use


Manual Entry:



Data Stored:

Either PC or PDA. The PC facilitates more automation. The PDA facilitates mobility of database and realtime data entry.
 Wireless connection to any Internet database is enabled.   


Installation Costs:

It depends on the complexity of the project. Certain items will work out of the box.


Computer Operating System:

Windows XT, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Vista


Training Costs:

None required, but training will be provided for the time ($400 per day) and expenses.


Technical Support:

1-800 telephone link with technician. Depending on the complexity of the system purchased we will also include on-site installation and training.


Technical Support Plan:

1-800 live support; Training via phone is available and computer directed sessions with time allotted depending on the number of trainees and the extensiveness of the system.


Cost of Technical Support:

1-800 live support and PC AnyWhere control starting at $15 and prorated at $60 per hour.


Support Non-electronic Ave.:

With small herds, we will support Veterinarians, DHIA, and consultants who can provide printouts and consultations.


Software Updated:

Field personnal report changes they would like to see in the next version and our programmers review the suggestions with management and implement them in annual updates.


Additional Costs:

Software upgrades are included in any annual support charges. Minor changes and bug fixes are provided for the cost of shipping and handling.


If No, Software Recommended:

Any herd management software plus I.D.ology interface.

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