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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: I.D. ology
Survey Section: Scale Head





Manufacture Scale Head:

NO,  Work well with Tru-Test and Digi-Star
     WOW Walk-Over-Weighing


Compatible Readers:

LightningRod Handheld Readers wireless 9 pin serial Dongle

Halo Reader

CrossFire Reader


Compatible Weigh Bars:

All makes


Hardware Required to Enable:

Bluetooth Serial Interface Dongle



Self contained rechargeable battery


Added Features:

Vibrating Handle signifying a read with the LightningROD
    Simple Bluetooth Link with Power ON



$795 LightningROD
    $189 Serial Bluetooth Dongle with rechargeable battery





If NO, RFID Readers:

Any electronic unit with RS232 port
 I.D.ology #103 Bluetooth Dongle plugs into all scale-head serial ports.   




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