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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: I.D. ology
Survey Section: Handheld





Manufacture RFID Reader:

LightningROD Reader


Available for Purchase:



ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended

ISO-11784/11785 Tags either HDX or FDX.  Implants for Dairy Cattle are accessible from the milking parlor   


Read Location 1:

Dairy Headlocks or Management Rail, Milking Parlor
Beef Open pens, Alleyway 


Avg. Read Range :

12 to 16" depending on battery and tags being read


Read Location 2:

Feedlot working facility - Chute-side or from horseback


Avg. Read Range :

12 - 16" depending on the tag and reader



Bluetooth wireless to a PDA, Cell phone or computer.


Additional Hardware Required:



Hardware Required to Enable:

Any Bluetooth enabled unit will link with the Reader. Wand reader combined with laptop. Chute reader combined with SBC box and software.


Software Required:

None it is resident on the Bluetooth Dongle Interface from I.D.ology.


Software Required to Enable:

Any PDA compatible software that will accept RFID inputs.



One shift (12-15 hours) with 30,000 reads. Rechargeable.


Added Features:

Reader handle vibrates with each read Tactile Response

Task Director LCD Screen displays task and counts animals

Handheld reader interacts with database and task assignments on the PDA. 


Scale Head/Load Bar:

Tru-Test; WeighTronics, Digi-Star



$795 to $1295 depending on functionality.


If No RFID Readers:





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