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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: I.D. ology
Survey Section: Data Storage





Web-based Data Storage:

Yes, From two different databases depending on the capabilities and extent to which the animal and end products will be tracked.


Centralized Database:

Yes, and interface with NAIS and USDA/APHIS


De-Centralized Database

Yes, we can provide an On-site database or an Internet Database either of which may be used in a de-centralized fashion.


Transfer Data:

Yes, a wide variety of data transfer mechanisms are in use starting with short range Bluetooth then longer range WiFi progressing to either Cellular or dial-up transfer to central databases.  



Yes, either local or with either of the Database systems.  



Database access is limited and protected so that files can be shared on a need to know basis.  


Security Features:

Encryption and multiple passwords for segmented data storage.



Servers are large mirrored systems with specifics detailed to interested parties  


Share Data:

IT has ODB connectivity, however, the data from the tags is encrypted to protect owners.


Open Database Connectivity:

To be detailed upon someone asking.


Web Tools:

Internet connectivity is available at nominal charge when needed.  Availability is fast and easy for anyone connected to the Web.


Describe Tools:

 Depends on the functionality needed


Use Fees:

From no charge to $.60 per animal

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