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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: GrowSafe Systems Ltd.
Survey Section: Stationary



GrowSafe Systems Ltd.


Manufacture Stationary Reader:

Yes, as one component of our data acquisition system. 


Available for Purchase:



ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended:

We recommend only half-duplex tags for use with our system due to the reliability and read range these tags offer.


Location (1):

Feedlot pen, chute


Antenna Type:

GrowSafe manufactured


Average Read Range:



Location (2):



Antenna Type:



Average Read Range:



Reader Speed:

GrowSafe systems enable unique proprietary reading technology that measures RFID tags during every second of every measured event.   This built in redundancy ensures that tags are read every time.  In feed pens tags are automatically read every second of every drinking event.  In the chute tags are measured every second animal is present.



A GrowSafe system has the capability of monitoring an unlimited number of tran­sponders within a pen, and can collect and transmit data wireless from up to 65,000 pens located within a 30-mile radius.


Hardware Required to Enable:

A GrowSafe “reader” is usually only one component of the overall data acquisition system. The components of  a GrowSafe Hardware Toolset include precision data acquisition devices (In-Pen, Shipping and Chute Antennas, Bunkline monitoring, intake and behavior systems); biological and environmental sensors; and software that can continuously monitor individual animals from arrival and processing, to home and hospital pens, through to shipment.


Software Required to Enable:

Please see section on software.



Dependent on system.  Low power consumption – can be powered by conventional household or solar. 


Added Features:

GrowSafe equipment continuously and automatically reads EIDS in the chute, pen and/or in the shipping alley.  


Scale Head/Load Bar:

GrowSafe manufactures load mechanisms and weight recording systems. 

We can integrate any scale head system into our data acquisition systems that enables a digital or analog signal.  



Contact us for system pricing.


Readers in Packing Plants:



If NO, RFID Readers:





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