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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: GrowSafe Systems Ltd.
Survey Section: Software



GrowSafe Systems Ltd.


Develop Software:




GrowSafe software comprises several integrated software tools that automatically and continuously acquire data, manage data, analyse data,  enable statistical process control, and utilize database connectivity and Internet-enabling  technologies. 


GrowSafe Software defines how and when the application acquires data from the system, how it processes, manipulates and stores the data, and how the results are presented to the user.


Version Name (1):

GrowSafe has copyrights to over 40 software routines that acquire and manage data. 


These routines are bundled in several user-defined packages.  Information available on request. 






Version Name (2):






Version Name (3):






Version Name (4):






Interface with RFID Readers:

A GrowSafe system consists of an industry-standard computer equipped with powerful GrowSafe software and cost-effective GrowSafe hardware, which together perform the functions of several traditional measurement instru­ments.   We integrate and interface all of our systems to existing feedyard tools and processes. 


Software Interface With:

GrowSafe is ODBC compliant – will interface with any ODBC compliant database.


Records Collected:

Automatic – real time.


Manual Entry:



Data Stored:

Data is continuously transmitted wireless to the main data acquisition computer and stored on-site.  GrowSafe provides offsite and backup storage.       


Installation Costs:

Dependent on functionality required. 


Computer Operating System:

GrowSafe runs on Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, as well as Mac OS, Sun Solaris, and Linux


Training Costs:

Included in cost of system purchase.


Technical Support:

Extensive technical support including continuous remote diagnostic support.  


Technical Support Plan:

Included in initial system purchase and service contract post warranty.      


Cost of Technical Support:

System dependent. 


Support Non-electronic Ave.:

Field engineering support provided. 


Software Updated:

Software is continuously upgraded as part of service contract. 


Additional Costs:



If No, Software Recommended:


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