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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: GrowSafe Systems Ltd.
Survey Section: Company Information



GrowSafe Systems Ltd.

Airdrie, Alberta, Canada




Alison Sunstrum


Contact Person:

Alison Sunstrum 1-866-929-1879 x 224



GrowSafe Systems Ltd. (GrowSafe) develops innovative RFID based solutions for the agricultural research, fed cattle and dairy industries. GrowSafe product innovation includes feed intake data acquisition systems;  feedlot management systems, animal behavior monitoring systems; pasture supplement feeding systems and advanced software and database solutions.


Chief Executive Officers:

Camiel Huisma, President,

Alison Sunstrum, Vice President



In the early 1990's GrowSafe developed monitoring equipment that could read multiple low frequency passive transponders in close proximity. We further designed our systems to automatically ensure that an animal was positioned in an optimal reading range without human intervention.  Since that time we have been working with North American researchers, commercial entities, governments and other agencies to develop unique RFID solutions for the beef industry.



Our mission is to develop RFID automation tools and applications for livestock. producers that maximize profitability through better decision-making, guaranteeing a safe and quality product to the consumer, while ensuring animal health and well-being.



Development of leading edge commercial identification and measurement devices that fully automate livestock production activities.


Industry Targeting:

Beef and Dairy Research, Feedlot, Dairy.



Partnered with several North American research and academic institutions





Distribution Method:

Direct distribution.

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