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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Gallagher Power Fence, Inc.
Survey Section: Stationary



Gallagher Power Fence, Inc.


Manufacture Stationary Reader:



Available for Purchase:

Through a wide range of Gallagher dealers through out the United States .


ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended:

ISO compliant tags


Location (1):

Feedlots and Dairy


Antenna Type:

Large Panel 51 X 23


Average Read Range :

30 plus inches


Location (2):

Animal Processing Facility (antenna mounts directly to the squeeze chute)


Antenna Type:

Small Panel 23 X 15


Average Read Range :

 24 plus inches dependant on environment


Reader Speed:




 Readers can be set up both wired and wireless


Hardware Required to Enable:

 Reader comes with all hardware needed.


Software Required to Enable:

Gallagher readers can be used with various scale heads, PDA and computer and other data collection devices. However the BR series readers come with memory that can store up to 20,000 tags.



BR series comes with Internal 12 volt Battery good for 8 hr of scanning tags and can be hooked up to a external 12 volt battery if needed. The R series reader uses an external 12 volt battery


Added Features:

All Gallagher readers are self-tuning for easy set up and use. They also come with Myscale Pro which allows you to download your records to your computer.

MyScale Pro also allows you to set up different features of the reader. The Diagnostics wizard helps you Diagnose faults coming from background noise. This is also included with the MyScale Pro software.  


Scale Head/Load Bar:

Works with Gallagher, Tru-Test and almost all other Scale heads



Varies on model. Single set up ranges from $1,699.00 to $2,999.00


Readers in Packing Plants:



If NO, RFID Readers:





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