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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Gallagher Power Fence, Inc.
Survey Section: Scale Head



Gallagher Power Fence, Inc.


Manufacture Scale Head:



Compatible Readers:

Gallagher, AllFlex, Destron and most all others readers


Compatible Weigh Bars:

Tru-Test, Weightronics, DigStar


Hardware Required to Enable:

To make scale head weigh indicators to accept RFID you need an EID reader (cost $399.99) and EID tags (cost $2.89)



All scale heads come with an internal battery good for 8 hours of weighing. They also come with a 110 volt charger and 12 volt charger at no additional cost.


Added Features:

Visual and EID tag storage, condition score, animal notes, 8 customizable data fields, and average daily gain (on 700 and 800 model). ernie 700 stores 16,000 records and the 800 stores 60,000 records, direct interface to EID reader, assigns visual tag # against EID tag number, 9 way sorting. ernie allows for 8 customizable data fields to be set up to collect the data you want to collect. ernie is a great data collection tool that can be used with capturing a weight but does not need to be hooked up to load bars to get the full benefit of what an ernie can do for you. The model 500 Smart Scale stores EID and Visual tag along with a weight and condition score. My scale software comes with each indicator which allows for easy download or records and uploads of records to the indicator, 2 communication ports for connection to computer and peripheral devices.

SmartTSi is the newest data collection and weight scale Gallagher offers. With a touch screen it makes collection of data even easier. Now all of your livestock life history is right at the touch of your finger. Weather you want to see the last weight or the first implant an animal received. Smart TSi makes capturing and reviewing data much easier. It does all that an ernie 700 and 800 can do plus much more.



Varies on the model



You can purchase the Gallagher ernie system and scale systems through our dealer network or by calling 1-800-531-5908


If NO, RFID Readers:





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