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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Gallagher Power Fence, Inc.
Survey Section: Handheld



Gallagher Power Fence, Inc.


Manufacture RFID Reader:



Available for Purchase:

Through a wide range of Gallagher dealers throughout the United States . Or by calling 1-800-531-5908 to find your local dealer or Territory Manager


ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended

 Any ISO- Compliant tag


Read Location 1:

 Working Facility


Avg. Read Range :

 7 to 12 inches


Read Location 2:

 Commercial Feedlot or Dairy Facility (working chute or dairy stanchions)


Avg. Read Range :

  7 to 12 inches



Both are Available


Additional Hardware Required:

Reader comes with all hardware needed


Hardware Required to Enable:

Readers are capable of working with many of the data collections tools on the market. (ernie, scale heads, PDA, computer)


Software Required:



Software Required to Enable:

My Scale Pro Comes with every reader it allows you to set up reader and down load tags stored in memory to the computer. Gallagher readers can also be used with various wedge programs or data collection programs that download the reader output to a scale head, PDA, or Computer.



Internal battery and or external 12 V DC or 120 V AC


Added Features:

The reader can store up to 5,000 tags and than be taken back to a computer and download the tags. With in the memory of the reader the tags can be stored in to different sessions or lots. Along with the memory the reader has a built in vibrator in the handle that will vibrate with each read of an EID tag.


Scale Head/Load Bar:

Will work with the Gallagher systems along with almost any other scale indicator that has a serial port on it.



$399.99 to $1249.00 depending on model


If No RFID Readers:





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