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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Gallagher Power Fence, Inc.
Survey Section: Company Information



Gallagher Power Fence, Inc.

North Kansas City, Missouri




Todd Mach


Contact Person:

Todd Mach



Designer and manufacturer of hardware and software products for animal management systems


Chief Executive Officers:

Erwin Quinn



29 territory managers across the U.S. providing products and on farm support to the beef industry for over 20 years -- from electronic fence, cattle waterers to scales, from simply installation to layout and design.



To produce quality animal management solutions by providing people, products and programs across the United States .



To be the #1 provider of animal management solutions in the United States .


Industry Targeting:

Beef, Swine, Dairy, Sheep and Goat



AllFlex, Temple , Destron, Purebred Associations, Strategic Beef Alliances, State and Local Cattle Associations, National Western





Distribution Method:

Gallagher's marketing and distribution of the Gallagher smart scale and EID readers is at a local level so consumers can see and demo the scale and readers before buying and also have the local service after purchasing the unit. If needed 29 territory managers are available nation-wide for on the farm support.

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