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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Fort Supply Technologies
Survey Section: Software



Fort Supply Technologies


Develop Software:




FaST EID is a proven, premier and field rugged data capture and management program designed with the input from hundreds of users in North America and Canada.

When used with the companion office PC/WEB program Bio-Track, the user has both the mobility of a system which works in all weather extremes and a desktop system for managing all animal records in the comfort of the office or home. Both systems also provide for compliance to voluntary or regulatory National Animal ID and Traceability systems in the USA and Canada.


Version Name (1):




-Auto wireless or serial wired EID data capture using rugged hand held PC.

-Interfaces with all major wands or panel readers.

-Ten additional fields of information associated with EID.

-Allows use of Visual ID as primary data when EID is not used.

-All user input fields are fully customizable with many optional features such as big key pad touch inputs, auto incrementing, preloading drop down selectable comments,

-auto print individual records to weather proof label barcode printer. Label sticks to all surfaces even if wet.

-all information is easily editable in case of human entry mistake.

-Print full page file records to rugged wireless mobile printer.

-Reference a pre-loaded data base.

-Search database by EID or visual ID.

-Store and retrieve multiple reference data bases for grouping of different lots.

-Wireless synchronization of date from multiple handheld PC’s then push back of merged file to other handheld PC’s.

-Quick linking of Bluetooth devices or wired serial port by user defined device name and not just comm port number.

-Quick exception report generated when re-scanning animals.

-Option for integrated RFID reader to the rugged hand held PC.


Version Name (2):

FaST Age-Source



-Auto wireless or serial wired EID data capture using rugged hand held PC.

-Interfaces with all major wands or panel readers.

-Quick set up of owner and batch animal information.

-User selectable batch or individual birth date

--Quick linking of Bluetooth devices or wired serial port by user defined device name and not just comm. port number.

-Three fields of fixed information gathered on individual animals, EID, Visual ID and Sex or Color.

-Data pre-formatted to upload to certified Age-Source providers or in Canada to the CCIA database.


Version Name (3):

FaST Inspection-Auction or Country



-Creates animal inspection or veterinary health reports on rugged mobile hand held PC,

-Captures EID and all pertinent visual and descriptive animal information

-Captures all owner information.

-Auction PC version assigns buyer to animals

-Programs allow for quick look up by animal ID, either back tag, EID, seller, buyer,

-Multiple animals of various types, sex, age etc may be added to a table of animals for the owner inspection.

-Data is protected with redundant memory backup.

-Owner and buyer information stored for quick future use in subsequent transactions.

-Print out to field rugged printers

- Security blue paper provided for interstate or international transactions  

-Secure local area wireless networks at auctions allow inspectors to roam the pens capturing information and quickly send inspections or CVI’s to the office PC application for use to continue the sale or transaction.


Version Name (4):






Interface with RFID Readers:

All FaST programs interface with RFID readers through a rugged hand held PC using reliable Bluetooth or wired serial connection.


Software Interface With:

All major brands such as, Destron, Allflex, Farnam, Aleis, Y-Tex, Agrident, Boontech


Records Collected:

FaST EID allows the user to collect up to ten additional fields of user defined (prompted) information. The user can select the option to collect the ancillary animal data prior to scanning the EID and, when scanned, the EID will automatically save the animal information. The user can also  select “manual mode” in which case the user may scan and record the EID first then add the additional information about the animal and then save the complete information record for the animal.

In both cases, if by human error, incorrect information is entered and recognized or if a user wants to view and confirm what they just entered, FaST EID allows for quick retrieval and viewing of previously recorded information. All review screens are of a different color to avoid confusion between the two viewing modes, primary scanning mode (clear screen) or when in edit or modify mode (red screen). At the end of each scanning event, the batch file of records may be closed and the file stored on the hand held PC. Each file is easily transferred to the users PC and opened with Microsoft Excel. Files from the PC may be modified and back loaded onto FaST EID for reference in future field use such as with calving records or  monitoring testing.

FaST Age-Source also has a manual and auto save mode but is designed for only capturing information necessary to be compliant with Age-Source certification.

FaST Inspection – Auction or Country will capture batch information required for livestock or health inspections. The EID number may be captured and edited any time while the inspection is open. Due to the official nature of the inspection process, once the inspection is closed, the record is locked and my only be voided to start over again. Data from these reports is only accessibility through the Desk PC version of these programs run by those authorized to have access to these records.


Manual Entry:

Yes   plus ten other fields of information. FaST EID allows for the search of Visual data and adding EID at a later time.                


Data Stored:

All data is captured and stored on field rugged hand held PC’s running FaST software the same as described above. Data is protected against power loss and most extreme damage to the rugged hand held PC. The rugged handheld PCs are resistant against most major impact damage and weather exposure including complete submersion in water or manure. 


Installation Costs:

No charge if purchased with the rugged hand held. Installation charges on handheld PC’s already in the field vary depending on the type of equipment already used by the customer. Please contact the Fort Supply for a free consultation.


Computer Operating System:

FaST EID, Age-Source, Inspection-Mobile Auction and Country, Track all run on Windows Mobile 5 or 6.

FaST Inspection Auction-Country PC run on any Apple or desk top PC system with an internet browser such as Windows Explorer or Firefox. An internet connection is not required.


Training Costs:

Prices vary depending on the application and duration of the required support. Per use support is also offered.


Technical Support:

All FaST software has the option for unlimited live Web training and support during the first year after purchase for the designated primary user of each system. With the purchase of this support option, a Fort Supply technician may observe the screen of the user real time so that the user does not having to try and describe their situation. This process allows the best use of time, provides immediate response to pertinent issues and saves resources and improves the productivity of the customer. As a standard purchase, the user gets one online training session where the Fort Supply technician guides the user through all of the features while observing the user through a secure live web link.

Fort Supply also offers extended service and support packages which provide access to new and feature updates and unlimited support.

Fort Supply technicians are available 18/7.

Field support is also available a nominal cost per day and all travel expenses at cost.


Technical Support Plan:

Many options are employed such as:
Live WEB and phone interactive support.
WEB based and printed instruction manuals.
 Field training and installation.
Printed documentation with the purchase and online documentation through our web site.


Cost of Technical Support:

Costs vary depending on the features and level of service desired. Please contact the Fort Supply Technologies for more details.


Support Non-electronic Ave.:

Yes, all FaST Programs are designed to integrate and manage all forms of non EID technology information such as Visual ID, Brand, Back Tags, Bangs Tags, owner, etc.


Software Updated:

All FaST programs and hardware are leading edge and field proven. Comments from active users are constantly included into the new product releases to insure optimum ease of use and productivity. New releases are passed on to customers through easy to use instructions or via auto updates through the extended service support program. New products are in constant development to meets the needs of our industry.

Fort Supply Technologies is constantly forming new strategic alliances with other companies who, together with Fort Supply, provide a complete solution for capturing and managing data and hence optimal productivity for livestock managers.


Additional Costs:

Users have the option to buy a single license “as is” or an upgraded “full” plan which includes additional upgrades to features as they are deployed.


If No, Software Recommended:


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