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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Fort Supply Technologies
Survey Section: Data Storage



Fort Supply Technologies


Web-based Data Storage:



Centralized Database:



De-Centralized Database



Transfer Data:

Our database services are provided through a third party, Global Animal Management in the USA and Bio-Beef in Canada.

In both cases, data managed by the livestock manager is easily uploaded to the web-based data base through an easy to use web based portal protected by a user name and password. Fort Supply Technologies is an authorized dealer for each of these companies.



All WEB based systems are certified to government standards for redundancy of power, facilities and data are back up every 24 hours.

For many configurations, a copy of the data also resides on the PC at the location of the user



Easy access through a WEB based portal using secure user name and password. Easy to use user menus offer selections on various presentations of data and reports.


Security Features:

All content is protected by VeriSign's SSL secured (128 bit encryption) certificates.  Access to accounts is through user defined user name and password.



-Standard PC, new within the last ten years, with current version of Windows Explorer internet browser (free ware)

-Internet connection


Share Data:



Open Database Connectivity:



Web Tools:



Describe Tools:

Many useful analysis tools and search tools are available. Please contact the Fort Supply Technologies for a free online demonstration.


Use Fees:

Fees for use of the online data storage and analysis tools vary depending on the features desired. Some management tools are annual based fees with unlimited usage. Age-Source services are minimal fees charged per head.

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