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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Fort Supply Technologies
Survey Section: Company Information



Fort Supply Technologies
Kaysville, Utah




Malcolm R. Harvey


Contact Person:

Malcolm R. Harvey



Fort Supply Technologies provides and supports field rugged electronic data capture and management system solutions for livestock managers, producers, inspectors, veterinarians and animal researchers.  Included in our repertoire of tools are a variety of qualified rugged and non-rugged hand held PCs (PDAs), FaST software created by Fort Supply and long range ear tags which can be read from up to mile using a simple rugged hand held reader.

Fort Supply has also partnered with major suppliers and is a re-seller of other key components of animal identification and value marketing tools such as:

- ISO compliant RFID tags,

-ISO RFID hand wand and panel readers,

-Age-Source PVP,

-Web and PC based data storage and management tools.


Chief Executive Officers:

Malcolm R. Harvey President, COB
Nephi T. Harvey Chief Technology Office
Andy Archibald Board Member
Shane Christian Board Member
Karl Nicholas Board Member



Fort Supply Livestock Inc started in early 2006 with the mission to develop a long range RFID tag which provides value to the producer. At the time, NAIS was forecast to require 100% mandatory compliance by 2009. As livestock producers and engineers, the founders of Fort Supply Livestock recognized that the current 134Khz ISO tag, as then mandated, had little or no value for an open range producer.

In addition to their multi-generation cow/calf producer background and their international micro electronics experience, the founders set out to create products which would help producers and livestock managers become more productive and competitive in the expanding global economy. In September of 2007, Fort Supply Livestock Inc joined with Campbell Scientific Inc, (www.campbellsci.com) a world renown data collection company, to create Fort Supply Technologies LLC, a Utah based company.

Fort Supply Technologies began shipping product in June of 2007 providing value for the current ISO compliant 134KHz tag by allowing additional information to be associated with the EID, in the field, as the animal is scanned. Since then, hundreds of users have testified to the value of FaST Products throughout the USA, Canada, Germany and Australia. Pilot projects are also schedule for 2010 for major countries in South America.

All FaST products, both software and hardware, are designed with input from leading livestock managers and are fully supported by live phone and WEB service. Our direct experience in livestock management, plus our 40 plus years of collective engineering background, give Fort Supply Technologies a unique perspective on designing, delivering and servicing complete application based products which are productive tools for our peers working with livestock.



Fort Supply Technologies promotes responsible and competitive livestock agriculture and research through the design, marketing and sustained support of field-rugged and durable electronic data capture and management systems. These easy-to-use systems enable in-the-field access to portable livestock tracking and management data in support of  livestock producers & managers, veterinarians, animal research scientists, biologists, and state, provincial & federal officials.



To become the preferred and recognized supplier of complete standard and customized rugged electronic data collection and management systems for all animals.


Industry Targeting:

Beef, Sheep, Dairy, Equine, Cervidae, Research, Wildlands, Wildlife.



Numerous, including multiple suppliers of  ISO tags, hand and panel readers, secure web data bases services.





Distribution Method:

-Direct Sales and through affiliation with larger regional and international sales organizations.
-Focused value added re-sellers.
Please see our web page for current updates to this growing list of representatives.

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