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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: EZ-ID, LLC Animal Identification
Survey Section: Company Information



EZid, LLC Animal Identification

Greeley, Colorado
1-877-330-EZID (3943)




Elsie McCoy


Contact Person:

Elsie McCoy



EZid is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avid Identification Systems, Inc. We market AVID electronic identification devices and readers/scanners (hardware), EZid Leader RFID ear tags and database management for the food animal industry.


Chief Executive Officers:

Hannis Stoddard, III, DVM
Peter Troesch



Avid is a U.S. company that has been in the animal identification business since the late 1980ís with over three and a half million EID devices sold in the U.S. and over eight and a half million in other markets.  EZid is the livestock division of Avid.      



It is the mission of EZid to provide the production animal industries with cost effective means of dependable individual identification; to facilitate the collection and management of information concerning those animals; to enable the owners to improve the financial performance of their enterprise.



To provide a customer-service oriented business, with honest, ethical and responsive company representatives who are able to conduct business world-wide. To establish pricing and sales programs that sustain and continually improve the growth of the company's value while providing the customer with competitive value for dollar spent.


Industry Targeting:

Beef, Swine, Dairy, Goats, Sheep, and all traditional and nontraditional livestock.








Distribution Method:

We market directly to the customer via web page, trade shows, advertising, associations and word of mouth.

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