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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Digi-Star LLC 
Survey Section: Scale Head



Digi-Star LLC


Manufacture Scale Head:



Compatible Readers:

Allflex, Destron Fearing, and most other reader manufacturers.


Compatible Weigh Bars:

All full bridge load cells and strain gauge transducers


Hardware Required to Enable:

The Digi-Star StockWeigh EID and Horizon Series indicators are designed to accept RFID, no additional software is required.



The indicator products are powered by 12-volt internal or external power supplies and can be used in conjunction with an AC/DC converter.


Added Features:

The StockWeigh SW600 Indicator w/serial port is used with chute side PC applications that will accept the weights from the scale head via serial cable.  The StockWeighSW4600EID will store over 10,000 animal files, with the ability to scan EID Tags, Visual tags, assign Premise numbers and animal groups, along with additional code fields and a “Quick Notes” feature for faster chute side data collection. The new Digi-Star Horizon Series indicators include the XL, XLS, and XLT models. All are EID and VID compatible management tools with capacity to store 15,000 to 30,000 animal records. Calculates Average Daily Gain values as well as on-screen dosage calculations for up to two drug treatment products based on real time animal weights. 9-way drafting capabilities, sortable multiple code fields for customizing data collection. The Horizon XLT has internal Blue Tooth capabilities that easily communicate with the Allflex, Destron Fearing, and other leading brands of EID wireless readers.




StockWeigh SW600 (non-EID compatible) w/serial port MSRP $751.00

StockWeigh SW2600EID MSRP $927.00

StockWeigh SW4600EID MSRP $1,132.00

Horizon XL MSRP $1030.00

Horizon XLS MSRP $1,342.00

Horizon XLT MSRP $1,858.00




Available through qualified OEM’s, Distributors/dealers, , and ag equipment manufacturers across the U.S. and Europe.

Contact our corporate office and the product manager for outlets in your area.


If NO, RFID Readers:




Email: sales@digi-star.com

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