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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Destron Fearing™
Survey Section: Stationary



Destron Fearing™


Manufacture Stationary Reader:



Available for Purchase:

Destron Fearing™ products are available through your local animal health supplier or data service providers.  To locate a distributor near you contact customer care at


ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended:

Any ISO compliant electronic tags


Location (1):

Any appropriate animal working/sorting facility.


Antenna Type:

Large Panel or Walk-Through Antenna


Average Read Range :

30+ inches


Location (2):

Livestock Market Facility


Antenna Type:

Large Panel or Multi-Large Panel Configuration


Average Read Range :

30+ inches


Location (3):

Animal Processing Facility


Antenna Type:

Large or Small Panel


Average Read Range :

12-36 inches (dependent on environment and antenna size)


Reader Speed:




All Destron Fearing™ readers can communicate via RS232 or using wireless protocols to include Bluetooth.


Hardware Required to Enable:

In electronically noisy environments and with customers who intend to use antennas in multiple locations, Destron Fearing™ can provide auto-tuning readers.     


Software Required to Enable:

Destron Fearing™ readers can be used with various wedge programs or data collections programs that download the reader output to a Scale Head, PDA, or Computer.



Destron Fearing™ stationary readers can run on internal battery, external 12 V SC or 120 V AC.


Added Features:

Each reader has its own unique collection of features. Aside from reading the RFID signal, we have readers that can store a collection of numbers and assign a date and time when the tag was read. Other readers have been developed to read body temperature.


Scale Head/Load Bar:




Contact Destron Fearing™ for quotes.


Readers in Packing Plants:

Yes, in the United States and Canada


If NO, RFID Readers:






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