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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Cow Sense
Survey Section: Data Storage



Cow Sense


Web-based Data Storage:



Centralized Database:



Transfer Data:

Another powerful feature of Cow Sense is that we offer our customers the best of both worlds that of a decentralized database as well as a centralized database option.  The Cow Sense customerís data remains on their PC unless they elect to send it to a centralized system, whether that be Cow Sense Online or some data warehouse.  In addition, they can submit data directly to other production partners or breed associations. This is accomplished through an export/import procedure or using automated file transfers through PIC.  PIC handles all of the data exchange protocols necessary to ensure reliable and accurate data exchange.  The FTP tools included in Cow Sense allow users to easily transfer data even if they have restrictive Internet speed.

To send data up to our centralized database Cow Sense Online, a producer would first register with our office through a no cost subscription procedure included in Cow Sense.  A user name and password is returned to enable them to send their data up and view their data at this secure Internet site.

It's easy to get started with Cow Sense Online.  In Cow Sense, open the herd file you want to use with Cow Sense Online.  Then simply go to Utilities > Transfer Data > Cow Sense Online >Subscribe.  Enter your name, address, and email information and submit the form using MicroFTP.  In one business day we will return to you a registration file for your herd and a login to Cow Sense Online.  After running the registration on your herd, the 'Subscribe' menu command will change to 'Upload'.  Export and transfer your data using this menu command.  In one business day your data will be accessible at Cow Sense Online!  Update your data periodically to remain current.



Cow Sense creates compressed backups of its data files quickly onto the computer's hard drive.  These backup files should then be stored on removable media and off-site.  Users are reminded each time they exit Cow Sense to do a backup.  Backup procedures are described in documentation.  Cow Sense also offers innovative off-site backup through automated Internet File Transfer for customers with active support plans.

As per the Cow Sense Online Centralized Database, backup redundancy is built into the system.  A copy of the data is archived in house at Midwest MicroSystems.  In addition the ISP provides a regimented backup as well.



A customer would simply point their web browser to  http://cowsensecorral.com, and type in their user name and password.  Once logged on, they would access the Cow Sense Online features from the Cow Sense Online Button.


Security Features:

Cow Sense Online resides at a secure Internet site.  All customer data is password protected by user identity.  The data that is submitted is validated and or entire herd data (whole herd reporting) is submitted to ensure that the comparative analysis is accurate.  A customer only is allowed to see their data and aggregate summary data from other users.  Identity is anonymous, and no individual data can be viewed by other users.



Because the data exists in their Cow Sense herd, userís can access it anytime they turn on their computer.  With Cow Sense Online the user has the added functionality of accessing their information in a secure environment over the Internet via any web browser.


Share Data:

Yes.  Customerís on ranch data is maintained and remains on the usersí computers, yet they can share this information with, and receive updates from, other segments of the industry.  This is accomplished through an export/import procedure or using automated file transfers through PIC.  PIC handles all of the data exchange protocols necessary to ensure reliable and accurate data exchange.  Through the PIC product the producer can deliver information seamlessly to other information systems where information may be added and returned.  The producer may also export information in a generic file format that any other information system could import and use.


Open Database Connectivity:

We use a secure database to prevent direct access to the database structure or stored data.  This is for data security reasons and to protect the integrity of our underlying data structure.  Therefore, ODBC cannot be used to access our database directly.  However, we have robust import and export tools that work very well for moving data in and out.  Furthermore, we include seamless, automated data exchange routines for moving data between industry partners -- breed associations, production systems, or the handheld.


Web Tools:



Describe Tools:

With the Cow Sense Online service, broader application can be made from the in-herd analysis available in Cow Sense.  Upon joining Cow Sense Online, a member's herd data is merged and displayed as aggregate information with all other Cow Sense Online members.  Users are then able to run comparative analysis and benchmarking for their herd versus all other members collectively.  This is a powerful enhancement, raising their analytic abilities to a global level.  Advanced search and query tools as well as custom reports can be generated, printed or saved to an electronic file for further analysis.


Use Fees:

There is NO additional cost for accessing Cow Sense Online, it is an included feature of Cow Sense.

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