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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Cow Sense
Survey Section: Company Information



Cow Sense® Software ( Midwest MicroSystems L.L.C.)

Lincoln, Nebraska



Tim Davis


Contact Person:

Tim Davis



Although a diverse company, our primary focus is information management systems for the beef industry.  Our core product is Cow Sense herd management software for cow calf producers.  Today Cow Sense has evolved into a suite of products with the original herd management software at the core.  The peripheral products are each strategically designed to perform specific functions and fulfill needs that do not exist in all beef cow operations.  Each product, however, ties into the core Cow Sense herd database.  An advanced Analysis Wizard is provided to allow users the flexibility to further analyze their herd data or submit data points to a secure online database for real-time comparative analysis and benchmarking.  The Tag Wizard provides users with a low-tech solution to load a manufactures list of EIDs and print a field form to record animal IDs with EIDs.  The Tag Wizard then can be used to marry these identifiers in the Cow Sense herd file.  The included Location Wizard allows producers to track individual animals locations over time and tie them to their Premises ID.  DNA Parentage verification is an additional service provided and is available from Cow Sense Genetic Services to enhance genetic improvement.

We do not manufacture hardware or require special hardware to operate our products.  Standard “off the self” hardware and components are used to operate Cow Sense.  As a technology integrator, we do offer packages with EID products, rPocket PCs, uggedized laptop computers, electronic scales, electronic height measures, and other supporting devices.  Offering a one-stop shop for these packages can save users complication, time and money. 


Chief Executive Officers:

Jim Lowe, President
CEO, Tim Davis Vice President and COO



Midwest MicroSystems L.L.C. designs, develops and sells information management solutions.  Currently headquartered in Lincoln , Nebraska , ( USA ) the company was established in 1993.  Although the company serves a variety of industries, Midwest MicroSystems is driven by a vision and sincere passion for the beef industry.

The key to success in the beef industry is managing details.  From the beginning, the principals of Midwest MicroSystems shared the vision of a value-based industry with informed management, management supported by objective measures of economic traits, back to the ranch.  The core product line is a beef cow herd management software called Cow Sense®, which is sold nationwide and internationally. 

Cow Sense is the industry leading management tool designed for cow calf operators who wish to analyze each individual cow as a profit center.  Cow Sense is the: first Windows™ herd management product sold commercially; the first commercial herd management program to be IRM SPA accredited; the first complete herd management program to interface with EID technology; and the only herd management system providing seamless integration with feedlot management systems, DNA analysis and real-time comparative analysis and benchmarking (based upon validated whole herd data).

Midwest MicroSystems is strategically positioned and focused on making the beef producer more profitable by providing state of the art, technologically advanced tools and services.  Midwest MicroSystems offers a unique blend of software development expertise, cutting edge technologies and working knowledge of the beef industry.  Our products for the beef industry are designed and programmed for beef producers by beef producers.  With these qualities comes a vision of the role that the technology can fill in improving not only the quality of cattle produced in this system, but also the competitive position and financial standing of beef producers.

James D. Lowe launched Midwest MicroSystems while ranching in the Nebraska Sandhills.  The flagship product, Cow Sense® Herd Management Software, emerged from his herd management practices combined with his background in research and his interest in technology.  Mr. Lowe received his Graduate degree from MIT, and continued his Graduate studies at the University of Minnesota .  It was upon his return to the family farming/ranching operation that he authored Cow Sense.  Mr. Lowe sold the ranch in 1995 so that he could devote all of his professional energy to Midwest MicroSystems.  After operating the business for two years from a home-based office in Ainsworth Nebraska , Mr. Lowe moved the company to Technology Park in Lincoln because of the need for additional human resources.  The company quickly doubled in size, and continues rapid growth resulting from sales of its ranch management software and other technologies.

Timothy P. Davis joined the company as shareholder and Vice President in 1998.  Mr. Davis, too, has lifelong involvement in cattle ranching.  In addition his employment in leadership positions in Agri-business, Trade Associations, as well as State and Federal Government brought to the company professional experience in administration, business development, marketing, and international trade.  Mr. Davis received his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Agriculture from the University of Nebraska Lincoln .  He still maintains his ranching operation in the Sandhills of Nebraska.



From the beginning, the principals of Midwest MicroSystems shared the vision of a value-based industry with informed management, management supported by objective measures of economic traits, back to the farm or ranch, our company mission and vision statements follows:

Midwest MicroSystems, having an agricultural foundation and rural focus, is dedicated to improve the economic position and success of our customers by providing superior information management solutions. The company will deploy high quality, integrated information management systems that establish a dominant position in the global market.  As a result, Midwest MicroSystems will increase the profitability of its customers and thereby strengthen the viability and the quality of rural life.




Seek continued ease of use and flexibility to provide beef producers an easy to use, yet powerful product.

Provide excellent customer service and technical support to users.

Continue to integrate leading technologies in our products and delivery of services.

Continue to provide seamless information flow options for users of our products.

Maintain the position as the industry’s leading herd management software solution.


Industry Targeting:

Cow Sense® core products are integrated herd management tools targeted to the beef cow-calf producer.  Stockers and backgrounders, as well as smaller feed yards also find adaptation of this product useful for chute-side data collection and exchange.  Information exchange is accomplished with all sectors through our Premium Interface Component.  Our BeefSTAR™ product line serves the Feedlot and Processor industry to provide seamless data exchange with the cow-calf industry for source, age and process verification.



The two principles are the only owners/partners in our company.  However we maintain a number of strategic relationships industry wide in an effort to allow our users the ability to push data forward from their Cow Sense data and receive data back into their Cow Sense herd file.  These include EID Manufacturers, Scale Manufactures, Feedlot Software Manufacturers, Breed Associations, Beef Industry Alliances and many others.  We are proud to be one of the four founding members of Cooperative Beef $olutions.  Along with Decatur County Feed Yard, L.L.C., GENEX CRI, and Micro Beef Technologies, Ltd., this alliance was, formed to help beef producers increase their profitability trough optimizing returns on an individual animal basis. 





Distribution Method:

The company's core product Cow Sense is widely sold as a commercially packaged product.  Direct sales result from efforts by employed staff at the corporate office and e-commerce at our Internet site.  Indirect sales result from efforts of our reseller/distributor network through out North America .  Custom applications are typically single installations, but many have wider market potential.  Custom applications are produced on a contract basis.

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