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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: CattleXpert Management Software LLC
Survey Section: Software



CattleXpert Management Software


Develop Software:




MS Windows-based software for single inventory, single entry, real-time systems developed for individual feed yards, corporate multi-yard operations, and stocker operations.


Version Name (1):




Complete daily yard management including cattle accounting, commodity, animal health, procurement, sales, closeouts, chuteside management, individual ID, etc


Version Name (2):




Integrated feeding system with bunk management and truck delivery systems.


Version Name (3):




Integrated mill PLCs, Load Box and interfaces to Micro Machines, both standard and custom.


Version Name (4):




Complete management for Outside cattle directly interfaced to current yards database.


Version Name (5):




Stocker operation management software utilizes CattleXpert software and options.


Interface with RFID Readers:

Most current scale heads, RF EID readers will work in-synch with the software.  Yards will have spot RF coverage at the minimum, while most are fully RF covered for connection to the database server, real time connectivity in the feed truck and bunk readers and at hospitals and processing facilities.


Software Interface With:

Currently being used are Allflex and Destron readers plus others


Records Collected:

Information is recorded real-time automatically into the main system database.


Manual Entry:



Data Stored:

Currently all yards are using laptops or chuteside PCs with all information recorded real-time automatically into the database.


Installation Costs:

Included with yard software conversion.


Computer Operating System:

Windows XP and 7


Training Costs:

Hourly basis either remote or onsite


Technical Support:

Annual support packages


Technical Support Plan:

Direct telephone support with connectivity to yard database by dial-up, VPN or satellite connection.  If or when necessary, on-site support is available.


Cost of Technical Support:

Annual program based on total head capacity of feed yards.


Support Non-electronic Ave.:

Depending on producers needs, we will usually be able to interface whatever they are looking for.


Software Updated:

Typically up to two version upgrades are released per year with patches as needed.  These are seamlessly installed over the secure connection or by on-site consultants as needed.


Additional Costs:

For any additional custom applications, reports, hardware or other non-supported needs.


If No, Software Recommended:



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