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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: CattleXpert Management Software LLC
Survey Section: Company Information



CattleXpert Management Software LLC (CX LLC)    

Elkhorn, Nebraska



Danna Schwenk


Contact Person:

Danna Schwenk



CX LLC develops and provides feedyard management systems, data warehouse services, customized development.  Consulting and programming are optimized for the Beef Industry


Chief Executive Officers:

Brett Gottsch – Gottsch Enterprises



The first feed yard management program was implemented over 14 years ago with additional modules developed for feeding, feed truck delivery, chute side animal health, cattle accounting, commodity management, procurement & sales, outside cattle management, mill interfacing, data warehousing, individual animal management, etc.  With the purchase of CX LLC by Gottsch Enterprises in 2008, CX LLC has inherited decades of expertise in the cattle feeding and ranching business



CX LLC will provide the most comprehensive, easy to use and cost effective management systems for the cattle industry, providing our customers with technology that meets their business requirements, doing so in a way that is beneficial to the industry and the customers that the industry serves.



CX LLC has a goal to provide the best solutions and to become the recognized leader for software management systems for the Cattle Industry.  CX LLC also works with a “Business drives Technology” perspective so that none of our clients have to change their business practices to conform to technology that may not meet their specific needs.


Industry Targeting:

Cattle Industry – Beef








Distribution Method:

Direct sales to customers.


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