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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: AniTrace division of Hana Micron America
Survey Section: Software



AniTrace division of Hana Micron America


Develop Software:




Our software is meant to enhance the communication between management software so it will range in capacity from simply transmitting data into existing software to querying the software to receive information to be displayed on the handheld. 


Version Name (1):




Data acquisition, reception, and transmission from any location


Version Name (2):




Data acquisition, reception, and transmission from any location


Version Name (3):






Version Name (4):






Interface with RFID Readers:

Our software is installed on the reader because they are fully integrated devices.  Itís not like a wand which only reads.  Our readers incorporate both the scanning device and the input device. 


Software Interface With:

Proprietary only


Records Collected:

manual, automatic, batch or global update


Manual Entry:



Data Stored:

On the reader, on a PC, and also web-based, depending on the application


Installation Costs:



Computer Operating System:

Proprietary, Windows Mobile 5, web-based


Training Costs:



Technical Support:



Technical Support Plan:

Web, Phone, Onsite, Video, Print


Cost of Technical Support:

Currently none Ė because of the size of our clients 


Support Non-electronic Ave.:



Software Updated:

We are and will continue to develop and operate pilot sites where our products are constantly being evaluated and upgraded.


Additional Costs:



If No, Software Recommended:

We work with many herd/yard management programs and generally provide a live data link to the systems so that we are the data acquisition supplier.  For example, we can work with Feedlot Health Managementís program to supply certain bits of information that is transmitted directly into the onsite computer. 

Alternatively, we can develop custom data acquisition or reception interfaces that can work with a custom client website to store/receive information that can be passed onto/received from a variety of programs.   


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