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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: AniTrace division of Hana Micron America
Survey Section: Handheld



AniTrace division of Hana Micron America


Manufacture RFID Reader:



Available for Purchase:

It is currently available directly through the company.  We are also certifying a number of resellers.  The list of resellers will be available on our website.


ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended

There are no other large-scale manufacturers of UHF tags at present


Read Location 1:

Remote working facility (no electricity, little emi) 


Avg. Read Range:

36 48


Read Location 2:

Feedlot working facility (working facility with hydraulic chute, etc. - moderate emi)


Avg. Read Range:

36 48



Wireless, but has several ports if it is desirable to connect to other devices


Additional Hardware Required:

Built in either WIFI or GPRS


Hardware Required to Enable:



Software Required:



Software Required to Enable:




Li-ion battery, 1800mAh, 7.4V 8 hours +/-


Added Features:

It has a full keypad and is able to be used to enter and transmit data on a real time basis (depending on accessibility to signal).  It can also receive data.  Depending on the model the reader has: Smart Card reader, printer, and credit card readers built into it.  Some of our models have the capacity to connect to a LF wand to read LF tags also.


Scale Head/Load Bar:

Tru Test, Weightronics, Digistar, adding others weekly



HIT731 - $1,300
Windows Mobile - $3,000


If No RFID Readers:






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