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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: AniTrace division of Hana Micron America
Survey Section: Company Information



AniTrace division of Hana Micron America

Milpitas, California



Chuck Cosgrove


Contact Person:

Chuck Cosgrove



AniTrace is a solution provider that focuses on providing the key elements of an animal tracking system: UHF tags, UHF readers (of various types), and the AniTrace web – based data collection, transmission, and dissemination system.  We can work with many software systems to facilitate communication between them and various devices to ensure that information flows between the system and the users wherever they are.


Chief Executive Officers:

Sam Lee – CEO – Hana Micron America



HMA is a global company operating in several countries around the world.  It’s background has primarily been in providing governments with functional animal (esp. beef) traceability solutions that are cost effective.  We have over 3.5 million tags in place worldwide.  We are currently working with several universities, feedlots, dairies, and ranches to develop North American solutions.



To enable the collection and management of individual animal data at every stage of the production cycle so that producers can more easily manage on both individual and group bases.





Industry Targeting:

Beef, Dairy, Swine



We manufacture our tags and work with several manufacturers of chips, antennas, and hardware along with a number of software developers to provide a full spectrum of solutions.





Distribution Method:

We currently work directly with larger producers across North America.  Our initial focus is to contact those for whom our solutions will have the most impact and then to work from there to the smaller producers. We have representatives across the continent who travel to sites to develop solutions tailored to the individual company.


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