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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Summit View Solutions
Survey Section: Company Information



Summit View Solutions (Optibrand products and services)

Windsor, Colorado
1-866-356-0879 ext. 2




Jenny Brown 


Contact Person:

Jenny Brown 866-356-0879 ext. 2 



Summit View Solutions features animal identification and data management systems for the entire livestock supply chain.  Our hardware and software tools offer the flexibility to use any animal identifier and create a system that fits for your operation.  In addition, we offer retinal imaging, which is a perfect solution for situations that require permanent identification. 


Chief Executive Officers:

Justin Cobb



Summit View Solutions is based in Fort Collins, CO.  The company was formed to assume responsibility for Optibrandís livestock customers, products and services. Summit View Solutions offers expanded data management system capabilities to manage all identifiers and daily operations.  We are experienced in the data management and ID field, and have been specializing in livestock systems for nearly 10 years.  








Industry Targeting:

Value added supply chain, dairy beef operations, large or small packing plants, livestock shows



Our customer information is confidential.





Distribution Method:

Summit View Solutions works directly with our customers to ensure that they get the customization, training and support that they deserve.  

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