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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Intelleflex
Survey Section: Company Information




Santa Clara, California



James Schaffer


Contact Person:

James Schaffer



Intelleflex sells and distributes Battery Assisted Passive RFID, Tags and associated reader and antenna hardware.  BAP tags are EPC Class 3, ISO 18000-6C C3 compliant.

Intelleflex does not provide solution software. 


Chief Executive Officers:

Peter Mehring - CEO



Currently hold numerous clients leveraging our tagging technology to track cattle throughout their life cycle. 

Our tag technology is able to obtain:
  • 2 100 meter read range 
  • Reliable reads around metal and liquids
  • Data logging (64KB is equivalent to 4 pages of data) stored on the tag.
  • Cattle moving at 8-10 mph 
  • Bulk reading of 40+ heads at a time 
  • Able to withstand outdoor conditions; reading in downpours, extreme cold temperatures 
  • Cattle tracking at the speed of commerce at cattle auctions
  • Lifecycle tracking ensuring full traceability and herd of origin identification
  • Individual identification and animal movement tracking
  • Temperature monitoring



Provide low cost, reliable RFID to the cattle and agriculture industry



Provide low cost, reliable RFID to the cattle and agriculture industry.


Industry Targeting:

Beef, Swine, and Dairy



Minds Inc,
Morningstar Farms,
Livestock Identification Services (LIS), Calgary





Distribution Method:

Products are sold via distributors. Distributors may be existing Intelleflex partners or those selected by the end customer

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