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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: EIDAP Inc.
Survey Section: Handheld





Manufacture RFID Reader:



Available for Purchase:

Workabout Pro Cattle Readers are available directly from Barry County Veterinary Services.


ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended

All ISO 11784/11785 compliant products


Read Location 1:

Remote working facility (no electricity, little emi) 


Avg. Read Range:

4 to 8 inches


Read Location 2:

Feedlot working facility (working facility with hydraulic chute, etc. - moderate emi)


Avg. Read Range:

4 to 8 inches



The Workabout Pro Cattle Reader is a handheld computer and RFID Reader that operates with Windows CE.NET or Windows Mobile (Pocket PC). It has the ability to communicate with a computer via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB cable


Additional Hardware Required:



Hardware Required to Enable:



Software Required:

Custom Software is included with the reader


Software Required to Enable:




The Workabout Pro Cattle Reader operates with a 3000mAh rechargeable battery.


Added Features:

The Workabout Pro Cattle Reader is a handheld computer with full keyboard functions. Storage of data is done on 1GB SD Card. Extended reading wands are available.  


Scale Head/Load Bar:




The Workabout Pro Cattle Reader:
US$ 2,500.00 - $ 3,500.00

There are volume purchasing plans available.


If No RFID Readers:






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