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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: EIDAP Inc.
Survey Section: Company Information




Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada



Peter P. Denooy, DVM


Contact Person:

Peter P. Denooy, DVM



Eidap Inc. markets RFID products to the animal marketplace: companion animals, livestock, zoo animals, fish and exotics.  

Eidap Inc. owns and operates the Eidap Animal Registry (E.A.R.), a large database that stores and maintains data submitted to Eidap Inc.

Eidap Inc. markets transponders (microchips) manufactured by Trovan throughout North America . Readers, both Handheld and Stationary, are manufactured by different manufacturers.

Eidap Inc. has developed several Software programs for Asset Management, Watchman Tour Guards and Livestock Management.


Chief Executive Officers:

John A Vrolijk, President and CEO

Peter P Denooy, D.V.M, Vice President and COO    



Dr. Denooy has been practicing veterinary medicine in Alberta , Canada , since 1976. His main area of work has been in bovine practice with a special interest in the production and management aspects of beef cattle operations




To provide Secure, Unique Identification to all Animal Industries



Eidap Inc.ís goal is to provide Secure and Unique Identification to all Animal Industries (i.e. Companion Animals, Livestock, Zoos and Wildlife Parks ) and to provide all businesses and individuals with the opportunity to utilize RFID in its operations, to assure a higher level of security in all aspects of their operations and to facilitate the collection and handling of data.


Industry Targeting:

Eidap Inc. is targeting all levels of the food industry including Beef, Swine and Dairy.



Eidap Inc. has established strategic partnerships with several RFID manufacturers and suppliers, and has optimized its range of RFID products that are available for the marketplace.

Eidap Inc. has established partnerships with software development companies and has increased its ability to provide the type of security that both the animal and asset industries require.






Distribution Method:

EIDAP Inc.ís US Agent is Dr. David Cupps of Barry County Veterinary Service, PC
1201 Old Highway 37
Cassville, MO 65625

phone: 417-847-2677; fax: 417-847-1312


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