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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Agrident GmbH
Survey Section: Stationary



Agrident GmbH


Manufacture Stationary Reader:



Available for Purchase:

Through trained VARs, System Integrators and RFID hardware experienced Software Developers; No Distribution sales due to the uncertainty of environmental conditions from application to application


ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended:

We are tag supplier independent and do not recommend any tag over another.


Location (1):

Feedlot working facility (Moderate emi)


Antenna Type:



Average Read Range:

Dependent on stationary reader, antennas and tags used in each environment


Location (2):



Antenna Type:

Packing plant  (High emi)


Average Read Range:

Dependent on stationary reader, antennas and tags used in each environment


Reader Speed:

Min 8 reads per second and max 18 reads per second, this is determined by ISO 11785



Wired only


Hardware Required to Enable:

Type of Hardware: Four different stationary readers (2 midrange and 2 long range readers) can be combined with 4 antennas each plus gate solutions for the long range readers. Specially selected stabilized and regulated power supplies (no switch mode), which are offered by us are recommended to achieve best possible performance. For tracking and tracing of Beef and Dairy we highly recommend to use our long range RFID readers only. 


Software Required to Enable:

Type of Software: Any software required to run our readers is part of the hardware package.





Added Features:

WW patented auto-tuning feature, which allows optimized use of reader/antenna configuration in various environments. Plug’n play and simple to connect hardware will ease the installation process. Diagnosis s/w will help to determine best possible setup under given noise conditions. 


Scale Head/Load Bar:

All known RFID-ready weigh indicators and load bar systems are compatible with our stationary readers.



Because of the variation in readers and antenna models including power supplies the cost of portal is dependent on the final selection.


Readers in Packing Plants:



If NO, RFID Readers:





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