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Beef Stocker USA 2013 Survey of the Animal Identification Industry

Responding Company: Agrident GmbH
Survey Section: Handheld



Agrident GmbH


Manufacture RFID Reader:



Available for Purchase:

Through VARs, Distributors, System Integrators and Software Developers


ISO 11785 Compliant:



Tag Recommended

We are tag supplier independent and do not recommend any tag over another.


Read Location 1:

Remote working facility (no electricity, little emi) 


Avg. Read Range:

Dependant on portable reader and tag used


Read Location 2:

Feedlot working facility (working facility with hydraulic chute, etc. - moderate emi)


Avg. Read Range:

Dependant on portable reader and tag used



All our portable readers (incl. Stick reader) can be used wired or wireless with different options


Additional Hardware Required:

As we have three different portable reader platforms the additional hardware required is different and varies from model to model. Some portables have built-in wireless functions, others require separate purchase of modules. Thus, the costs are very different from model to model. 


Hardware Required to Enable:

Type of Hardware and description: 

(1) Our APR series comes either with or without RS232 cable and vice versa without or with Bluetooth option; they run on batteries 

(2) Our stick reader is supplied with RS232 as standard and optional with Bluetooth end-cap; it also runs on batteries

(3) Our portable computer solution around Psion Teklogix WAP with our AIR200 reading module offers Bluetooth or WIFI, it also works with batteries 


Software Required:

Type of Software and description:

This is very much dependent on the platform selected and package desired. 

(1) APR series Works on special Agrident software, which comes in 1st delivery; 

(2) Stick reader also works on special Agrident software with different country-specific formats with no extra costs; 

(3) the portable computer solution offers the use of WIN CE and Windows Mobile platforms. 


Software Required to Enable:




Varies from model to model. All are battery powered, all units can be re-charged while in use or overnight or batteries in a separate re-charging station. Use time dependent on functions preselected and continuous switch-on and off times selected.



Added Features:

Some of our models offer integrated Barcode scanning, some of them are equipped with Bluetooth data transmission and the portable computer also offer WIFI as an option.


Scale Head/Load Bar:

All known RFID-ready weigh indicators and load bar systems are compatible with most of our handheld and static readers. Our APR series might make an exception on a case-by-case level and  dependent on the model and software version selected



Due to our variation in models and selectable options the price per unit is dependent on the final selection. For price determination we differentiate between volume purchase and value added to our products before resale.


If No RFID Readers:





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