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and BeefStocker USA 2004 Survey of Beef Preconditioning Programs

Superior Stampede

Program Name:
Superior Stampede
Contact Info: e-mail: cnelson@stampedecattle.com 
phone: 877/625-6259
Program Options: Vac Pre-Wean
Vac Pre-Wean Plus Vac 45 Vac Pre-Con
Feeding Program:
Wean/# Days:
Required 45 days Required 60 days
Process Verified:
Source Verified:
Required first vaccination Required first vaccination Required - first vaccination plus booster Required - first vaccination plus booster
Program Tags:
Water Trough Broke:
Feed Bunk Broke:
Growth Implants:
Internal/External Parasites:
Heifers Open:
BQA Certified or Vet:
Required Required Required Required
eID Capable:
Retained Ownership Possible:
Genetics Required:
Year Established:
Website providing
above information:

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