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Stocker Facts

Waste Mgt.


Conference Proceedings

Beef Stocker Field Day 2004
September 17, 2004, Manhattan KS

Conference Procceedings
pdf format

Beef Stocker 2003 Profitability Conference
September 19, 2003, Manhattan KS

Preconditioning Beef Calves: An Economic Analysis
pdf format

Beef Stocker 2002 Profitability Conference
September 20, 2002, Manhattan KS

We appreciate the support and sponsorship of Intervet and Walco Animal Health

An Overview of the Rapidly Changing Beef Industry
pdf format

Stocker Technology: The Value Equation
pdf format

Protect Your Stocker Business: Proactive Waste Management Strategies
pdf format

Managing Stocker Risk in Uncertain Times
pdf format

Thriving in an Uncertain Future: Turning Information into Knowledge and Action
pdf format

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